Nov.1918 Former Chairman Sadashichi Tanaka established the Tanaka Plating Works and began a plating business in Hinaga-mura, Mie-gun (now Yokkaichi).
May.1957 Kyoei Metal Industrial Co. was established and Sadashichi Tanaka became president of the company. Business with the Fuji Electric and Toshiba Mie plants was started.
Aug.1960 Business with HONDA was established on the occasion of the establishment of HONDA Suzuka Manufacturing.
Aug.1980 Our main office and main plant were constructed and moved to our present site at the Yokkaichi Metal and Chemical Industrial Complex.
Aug.1985 Our Komono Plant was completed at Komono-cho, Mie-gun, and our second plant at Uneme-cho was transferred.
Mar.1987 We made a capital participation to "TOMASCO" Mulciber Inc. was established in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Sept.1989 An "Agreement on manufacture and Consignment of Goods" was reached with HPI (Philippines). The import of rear luggage carriers for motorcycles was started.
Jun.1991 An "Agreement on manufacture and Consignment of Goods" was reached with HFJ (Indonesia). The import of kick arms for motorcycles was started.
Apr.1992 Our company name was changed to BESTEX Kyoei Co.,Ltd.
May.1994 BESTEX THAILAND CO.,LTD. was established in Thailand.
Jul.1997 Ojima Plant was completed.The full-scale mass-production of resin blow molding parts was started.
Aug.1998 ISO-9002 acquisition
Jun.1999 ISO-14001acquisition
Aug.2002 ISO-9001:2000 acquisition (all places of workshops)
Oct.2004 We made a capital participation to G-MAX was established in Guangzhou city, Guangdong, China.
Jun.2005 We made a capital participation to W-MAX was established in Wuhan city, Hubei, China.
Jul.2005 The 2nd factory of cathodic painting was completed in our main plant.
Sept.2005 We made a capital participation to TOMASCO INDIANA LLC was established in Indiana, USA.
Mar.2006 Our capital was increased to Yen 492,134,000.- by issuing new shares.
Apr.2006 The 2nd main factory was completed in our main plant.
Jun.2006 A subsidiary company-BESTEX MM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was established in Rajasthan, India.
Apr.2007 Komono 2nd factory started its operation.
Oct.2008 BESTEX MM INDIA (PVT) LTD. Mass production was started in October.
Jul.2013 The Yorii factory was completed to Yorii-cho, Osato-gun, Saitama-ken.
The Yorii factory started operation.